Team and Philosophy

In a scenario increasingly competitive, the flexible approach, and the ability of fast adaptation will be key factors to facilitate the adjustment of Rxedy business model, in reply to the new reality.

Since its inception, the constant growing is a reality, due to the business model that we practice, and that, consequently, offers value to our organization.

We believe in a Win/Win philosophy, and that is why we consider all the projects that we carry out as an investment, whose results reflect benefits and better products and services development to our partners and clients.

Rxedy has a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified to provide correct and fast answers to specific needs of each department or area, where the company operates.

Rxedy's team is composed by experienced professionals, including pharmaceuticals managers, sales representatives and financial executives, among others, that work synergistically, to optimize the resources of the whole organization.

This team has an impressive know-how, acquired from previous experience in the pharmaceutical market, which enables the offer of a “full service”, not only when visiting the doctors but also to the point of sale.

Therefore, Rxedy only works with highly qualified professionals, with huge experience in their activity areas. All our collaborators and partners were submitted to a rigorous and comprehensive selection process. This is the only way to ensure that they have big liability, experience and professionalism.

Our mission is to provide high quality products and services, responding to specific needs of all our partners and clients. We only have one purpose: to innovate in order to we can provide solutions to the natural medicine market.