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Betacarotene, Zinc & Selinium. This combination of vitamins and minerals is without doubt the most popular of all antioxidant formulations. Life-On Activated Anti Oxidant is a handy one in all pill.

Why Life-On Activated Anti Oxidant?
Life-On Activated Anti Oxidant has the only active form of Vitamin A – Betacarotine. Beta Carotene is a powerful anti oxidant and a protector of cells while slowing the ageing process that is not normally found in other anti oxidants.

This unique combination of vitamins and minerals makes it the most popular antioxidant combination.

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Amount per serving Quantity %RDA
Vitamin C 150 mg 250%
Vitamin E 25 mg 250%
Vitamin A 800 mcg 100%
Betacarotene 5 mg *
Zinc 15 mg 100%
Selenium 50 mcg 100%
* Daily Value not established.