Rxedy® is a company Portuguese, focused in the market of brand products and private label, OTC products, supplements, nutraceutical, medical devices and cosmetics. The products are available through licensing and exclusive agreements with international renowned manufacturers. We have required knowledge and specific skills that are the basis of our relationship with all the interested parties, in the healthcare field. We work synergistically with all the intervenient parts, that are involved in the production and product development of this segment, under the motto “My health my life”.

Rxedy® emerged from a strategic partnership with a private capital group. Their resources and experiences are extensive, in all your businesses, just related to OTC products, dietary supplements industry, medical devices, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals. We have a workforce that is trained in every business areas, with especial emphasis on marketing & sales, product development, regulatory affairs and operational logistics.

Rxedy® has decided to initiate its activity in the international market to expand its offer, of the area of health solutions to all professionals, and to all people, in general.

Through its network platform, Rxedy® also acts as gateway to other country markets, such as: Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil..., providing all the necessary services, to allow the entrance of one or more products in those countries. We can provide healthcare registrations, access to the market, distribution agreements, promotional marketing co-ordination and assistance, depending on the partner focus strategic and interest in sharing risk.