Business Development and Market Access

Rxedy is dedicated to the Consumer Health market, in the sector of non-prescription medicines - OTC products, nutraceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements, especially in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and PALOP countries.

We control not only the products’ development but also its marketing & sales, and distribution circuit, in a way that we can find the correct solutions in the appropriate points of sale.


Our business targets are the pharmacies and doctors/prescribers, mass market, and dietary stores parapharmacies circuit, offering value-added and additional resources, through a wide range of innovative products from international brands, and also from the therapeutic classes with higher impact, with high quality transverse the whole population.

The main focus distribution and channels are wholesale/stockists and retail stores such as: pharmacies, parapharmacies, and also distribution mass market.



Partnerships Development

The Partnerships development is an active politic of Rxedy, and we are constantly looking for concrete and specific partners, therefore, we want to build strong work bridges, and strong commercial ties.

We intend to establish a dynamic process with our partners, in order to be proactive in the market, working together directly with the healthcare mass market: pharmacies and dietary stores, visits to doctors, through our own network sales, structure and operating platform.