Mission, Vision and Values

The Rxedy’s mission, through its network platform, it is take products, of high quality to the whole population, at affordable prices. Rxedy intends, as well, offer products in the most sought categories, and with the highest impact, to improve quality of life and well-being of the entire population.

Our mission, vision and values assumes four major goals:

1. Aspires making the difference, in the business OTC products, supplements, nutraceuticals, medical devices and Cosmetics, in Spain, Portugal and the remaining Portuguese speaking African countries.   2. Intend to be, in the next years, one of the main suppliers of healthcare with high quality products.   3. Aims going further than traditional products, bringing innovative solutions, with new technologies and effective distribution operations systems, always keeping a high performance.   4. Commits to create higher value, and also sustainable development, as a strategic option.

They represent: readiness, simplicity, quality, client focus, trust and mutual respect. To carry out its mission, Rxedy defends high ethical and quality standards, allied to social responsibility and solidarity obligation.